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Portfolio Detail: iKare
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  • Name: iKare
  • Client: Eye & Retina Hospital, Lahore
  • Description:

Quantum Bridge provide comprehensive, windows based application for all eye(Ophthamology) Clinics called I-kare.Our software will assist specialists, doctors and assistants to work in a personalized manner.Our Software is designed in a way that will provide maximum communication among all related users so that they will share important information regarding their patients, doctors and others related users. On basis of this application, doctors can make decisions about their patients by studying their past reports.
  • Details:

FEATURES - Multiple Users (Doctors) can use the software at the same time. - Patient Medical/Social/Opthalmology history. - Complaint & Diagnosis. - Boimetry & Treatment. - Examination. - Prescription. - View/Print patient reports. - Built in (ICD 10) International Classification of Diseases. - Medicine database. - Dynamic Visuals (Medicines, diseases can be added any time). - Patient record management based on patient visits. - Token System (for appointment). - Issue eye card. - Reporting